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The Corporate Festival Company is the premier boutique festival events and production house in the UK, delivering intelligence and creativity to our clients, who are themselves industry leaders.

‘We had two days of true (but glamorous!) festival experience in a beautiful setting which included working around our business content on day one, amazing entertainment and silent disco in the evening, and an old school sports day on day two’.

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Corporate Festivals

Our corporate festivals challenge the way that brands traditionally conference. The Corporate Festival Company deliver expertly-executed events that exceed the experience that delegates witness within a conventional corporate environment.


We embrace having the capability to deliver the latest technology, which is both modern and sleek, to thousands of delegates over multiple stages simultaneously, resulting in a results-driven environment, packaged up as a corporate festival.

commercial Festivals

We work with mainstream commercial festivals as their event partner for various aspects of their event. From the more traditional planning aspects of licensing through to stage and production management and design.

equipment dry hire

Naturally, we hold a lot of equipment from lighting, sound, staging, rigging, video walls and theming. If you are looking for additional equipment or need to theme an event, please get in touch about dry hiring stock.